300th Shivanubhava Dasoha

The 300th Shivanubhava Dasoha was held at Sri Suttur Math, Mysuru in the divine presence of HH Jagadguru Sri Shivarathri Deshikendra Mahaswamiji on 29th April 2023. Shivanubhava Dasoha lecture series commenced on 12th May 1996. Since then the programme has been conducted on the last Saturday of every month. The topics related to religion, spirituality, vachanas, health, society, and lifestyle are discussed in the programme.

Prof. HS Shivaprakash, renowned Poet and Dramatist delivered the 300th lecture, Sri Vishwanath P Hiremath, Director, Dept. of Kannada and Culture, presided over the event. The event was sponsored by Smt. D.C. Radha and P Shivaraju.
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