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JSS Krishi vignana Kendra

“The Math has a long history of more than one thousand years and being a multi-dimensional institution has contributed immensely to the cause of societal advancement”

JSS Matrimony

Hindu culture accords paramount importance to the relationship between a husband and wife. As per the tradition, a Hindu marriage is solemnised with the blessings of elders performing several rituals. For several centuries, arranged marriages have been a tradition of Indian society. Even today an overwhelming majority of Indians have their marriages planned by their parents and other respected members of the family. Arranged matches are made after considering factors such as age, personal values, the backgrounds of their families (wealth, social standing) and their castes and the astrological compatibility of the couple’s horoscopes.

Due to urbanization and reduced social contacts parents are finding it difficult to find a suitable match for their children. To help them Sri Suttur Math has established JSS Marriage Bureau at the premises of JSS Mahavidyapeetha, Mysuru.

JSS Marriage Bureau facilitates parents to search for a suitable groom/bride for their children by registering their names and giving a photograph to the Bureau office.

For more details please visit our website: https://www.jssmatrimony.com/